Saturday, June 29, 2013

OWNCloset:: 21 Things I have learned

I have  gone 363 days with out shopping! Some people think I am absolutely nuts for giving myself a personal challenge like this, they are in disbelief that I would volunteer for this, and they can't imagine not having new clothes! But during the year, I learned somethings about myself, my closet, and what is actually like to NEED something!

Things I have learned ~
1. I wear the same 4-5 tops each season.
2. You really don't need a new dress for every wedding.
3. I don't have great fashion sense, so who cares if its not up to date!
4. I need to buy outfits, or else the top or skirt will never be worn.
5. I am missing some basic staples.... like black heels.
6. I have enough sweatpants, t-shirts to outfit the entire state of South Carolina.
7. I have a lot more free time when I am not shopping! I would just go to the mall to kill time!
8. Nobody calls you out if you repeat an outfit.
9. I have things in my closet that should have never been bought.
10. I still have things in my closet that I haven't worn in 363 days.
11. Not shopping for yourself, made Christmas shopping a lot quicker.
12. On average I spend $100 month on clothes or shoes. (Trust me, there where months that were much higher!)
13. I need to make better choices when purchasing a purse.
14. Moving to a town with a 'crappy' mall has helped a lot during this past year.
15. I really need black shoes. I pair I was using as a universal pair just broke!
16. I wear my work clothes even when I am not at work.
17. My fiance doesn't even realize if a shirt is new, old, pretty, or ugly, so why does it matter if I have a new outfit for Valentine's Day?
18. I don't think I have a set style.
19. I really only need 3 pairs of jeans, because that's all I wear.
20. I really should Good Will my clothes at least twice a year to get stuff out of my way!
21. I have a slight problem with t-shirts, and can't seem to break up with them.

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