Saturday, June 29, 2013

OWNCloset:: 21 Things I have learned

I have  gone 363 days with out shopping! Some people think I am absolutely nuts for giving myself a personal challenge like this, they are in disbelief that I would volunteer for this, and they can't imagine not having new clothes! But during the year, I learned somethings about myself, my closet, and what is actually like to NEED something!

Things I have learned ~
1. I wear the same 4-5 tops each season.
2. You really don't need a new dress for every wedding.
3. I don't have great fashion sense, so who cares if its not up to date!
4. I need to buy outfits, or else the top or skirt will never be worn.
5. I am missing some basic staples.... like black heels.
6. I have enough sweatpants, t-shirts to outfit the entire state of South Carolina.
7. I have a lot more free time when I am not shopping! I would just go to the mall to kill time!
8. Nobody calls you out if you repeat an outfit.
9. I have things in my closet that should have never been bought.
10. I still have things in my closet that I haven't worn in 363 days.
11. Not shopping for yourself, made Christmas shopping a lot quicker.
12. On average I spend $100 month on clothes or shoes. (Trust me, there where months that were much higher!)
13. I need to make better choices when purchasing a purse.
14. Moving to a town with a 'crappy' mall has helped a lot during this past year.
15. I really need black shoes. I pair I was using as a universal pair just broke!
16. I wear my work clothes even when I am not at work.
17. My fiance doesn't even realize if a shirt is new, old, pretty, or ugly, so why does it matter if I have a new outfit for Valentine's Day?
18. I don't think I have a set style.
19. I really only need 3 pairs of jeans, because that's all I wear.
20. I really should Good Will my clothes at least twice a year to get stuff out of my way!
21. I have a slight problem with t-shirts, and can't seem to break up with them.

Thursday, May 16, 2013


After a great day at the aquarium, we started to walk through the park in search of the fountains! Everyone kept stressing, 'lets take Anna to the fountains' but actually, they need to get ME and MARC to the fountains! Marc had a secret master plan, and proposed at the reflecting pond in Centennial Olympic Park. Enjoy pictures that Allen took for us, and captured the special moment!